Herbal Spiral

Herb spiral: a spiral or snail-shaped bed that provides different humidity and sunny locations for different herbs.

Here you can see a herb spiral built of bricks. Bricks are particularly suitable because they are weatherproof and very stable on the one hand and completely recyclable on the other. The special thing about a herbal spiral is the division into different layers. At the very bottom is the wettest layer. This is where plants that prefer a lot of water grow, such as tarragon. The middle layer is already somewhat drier and is therefore suitable for optimal for herbs like coriander, calendula and borage. In the uppermost and driest layer you can find lavender, sage, rosemary and oregano. Herbs prefer a rather sandy and nutrient-poor soil. Because of their flowers, the herbs you see here are an optimal food source for bees. Enjoy smelling the herbs, which not only many people like, but also the bees!